Putting Our Families First. Working for All Generations of Rhode Island.

Local Trucker

Westin is a lifelong Rhode Islander who was raised in a single parent, working-class family. With the dedication of his mother and watchful eye of his grandmother, he learned the value of hard work and sacrifice. He’s proud of the values that his family instilled in him and has been working hard since he was 15. With work experience in almost exclusively small businesses he saw the uphill climb that was on the horizon. Despite knowing the hardships, he made the decision to purchase a small one-truck operation and has been driving since 2014. As all small business owners know, it was a big risk for him and his family, but over the years and through many sacrifices it has afforded him the opportunity to serve Rhode Island and the surrounding region.

Family First

Westin’s values have always been family first. Coming from a small but loving family he knew that was what he wanted for his own children, and when he met his wife, they fell in love over their shared dreams and beliefs. Westin recognizes that his success is rooted in the support that he has from his family. He and his wife, Tawnee, have two beautiful children, three-year-old Jack, and one-year-old Astrid. Westin cherishes the time he can spend fishing with his son and snuggling with his daughter. If he is not with his family, you can find him chasing fish along the south shore, or on one of Rhode Island’s public lands chasing his next buck.

Fighting for Rhode Islanders

Westin believes that the rights of the individual should be protected and believes that less government is better than more government. He also believes that in our democratic republic there should be room for discussion and welcomes opposing views. He is also committed to working to find mutual understanding and common ground. He states “I’m your average citizen. I have no connections to any special interests. I have no aspirations to be a lifelong politician, nor does my business gain recognition by me becoming a public figure. I am in this to become the voice of the people and nothing more.

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